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Science Fair Consulting

I came from a severely underfunded high-school research program, and directly worked to grow the science fair at my school. Part of the struggle I faced was a lack of knowledge and guidance about research. I didn't know how to write a paper, what the requirements for posters were, or how write a research proposal. 

Through my consulting programs, I aim to be that "go-to" person for my students. Whether it be through the project development phase or creating science-fair materials, my programs are designed to support student success. 

My students and their projects have been ISEF finalists, Broadcom MASTERS nominees, STS scholars, JSHS winners, and been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals. 

In my science research journey, I have also been fortunate to win multiple accolades/awards. I was a STS and ISEF Finalist, won first place at JSHS, and have been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals. I am also a Coke Scholar, Taco Bell Live Mas Scholar, and received the NCWIT Collegiate Award as well. More details about my science journey can be found here!

My consulting process starts off with a quick $15 consultation where we can meet to discuss your previous experiences, science fair goals, and create a strong plan moving forward! Please contact me using my contact form to set up a meeting!! 

Please note that any consultations made under the "deposit" format will no longer be accepted under that agreement if the subsequent appointment was made after 12/1/22

Science Fair Speech Prep

Science Fair General Prep

For-Value Packages

To set up a session with me or to learn more, please feel free to reach out to me here!
All payments must be made through either Venmo or Zelle

*The goal of this mentorship and resource is to help students begin the research/science fair process on their own as individuals. We want to take their independent research and take it to the next level so that they can truly succeed! We can help with brainstorming, editing and more - but in the end, the success of this program is dependent on the student and their passion for science/their project. 

* For all "material-based" reviews, such as the paper and poster. Please note that the turn around time is approximately 5-7 days.  The listed price for a paper is up to 20 pages. Each additional page of content (ie excluding the bibliography) is $10 For an additional fee of $30-$60, the turn-around time can be guaranteed to under 72 hours.


*To reschedule or push-back an appointment, we must receive at least 24 hours of notice prior to the appointment, or rescheduling is not guaranteed.


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