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I'm Laalitya Acharya, a current student at Columbia University studying biomedical engineering and political science. My passion lies at the intersection of science and public policy in order to create a stronger future. As recent events like the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated, we must have more "scientific policy" in our world. For too long science has been considered as a separate entity from policy, but in an era when both are a part of our daily lives - both must intersect. 

I am also the founder of The Nereid Project, an organization that is working to raise awareness for the water crisis through research, advocacy, and policy. We are currently working to implement the Nereid device for beta-testing in 3 global regions, host regular "water summits" to help communities spark conversation about water, and are developing legislative policy to help ensure access to clean water as the human right and necessity that it is. 

Photo Credits: Nasdaq, Inc./ Vanja Savic

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